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LOTS of INFO To read about Australian Labradoodles on this site. Our line is PUREBRED Contrary to a lot of Confusion ABOUT Labradoodles. 

Please See our new WEBSITE http://www.tristateslabradoodles.com PRICING: Puppies are $3500, Young adults depending on training are $4500 PLUS
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11/22/2022 Current availability
Standard Carmel female should mature around 50 lbs
Chocolate Female should mature around 25-30LbsYOUNG TRAINED adults TWO Available.LELE middle aged adult
Eva's litter we can accept a few more deposits towards. Her litter is
all chocolate/cafe will be around 45-50 lbs Wavy fleece.
This litter will not be ready to go home until AFTER January 1st 2023
At this time we are building our Wait-list. Wait list deposits are $500

HOW TO CONTACT US; the best option is calling us 973-697-8896 or filling out our Puppy Application on This WEBSITE ( not new Website)
Or texting Corinne 973-229-1848

PUPPY application Form Click here PUPPY APPLICATION

PLEASE READ!  WELCOME to English Manor Labradoodle breeder of Authentic Australian Labradoodles for 18 years! OUR emphasis for our line remains and always will be TEMPERAMENT FIRST and for most! All our Authentic Australian Labradoodles used in our breeding program continue the traditional values and qualities that were stamped in this breed since the very beginning. We continue to protect the attributes, conformation, dispositions, quality and health that was the original staple for the breed from it's foundation by Beverly Manners Of RUTLAND Manner.

From our Foundation Female Desiree's Diva we knew this Line of Labradoodle was just Phenomenal . Diva would just light up a room, she was just a love bug her disposition and her clownish ways were always cheering us up on our worst days. SO SO incredibly intuitive of our moods she always new when to cuddle with us. We continue on now with her great Granddaughters and we see SO much her personality within them.

AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLES are a "purebred" line of Labradoodle Specifically bred for lower energy, they are very Gentle with a Docile happy nature they seek humans for interaction and mainly want to be your companion. YOU don't achieve this with just breeding dogs its takes years and years of SELECTIVE BREEDING to stamp in those traits and that's what the AUSTRALIAN Labradoodles is all about. THEY are completely NON shedding and HYPO Allergenic we have many dogs in homes with severe allergy which was a DREAM come true for our clients.
They are very suitable for first time dog owners, children , and other pets they do not have a mean bone in there BODY.WE have always been very strict about remaining Pure Authentic Australian WE DO NOT BREED any outside lines into our line. WE DO NOT Breed F1 or F1B's those generations are the VERY VERY START of a line and Australians are already at the "PUREBRED LEVEL" ( past 8 generations). FOR a F1 or F1B to become a purebred it would taking 30 -50 years of breeding and 8 Generations. 1 represents first Generation.   

This Beautiful Puppy is Available
From Sammy's Litter More available from this litter. 35-45Lbs for Sammy's litter Incredibly sweet just like our Special girl Sammy! Dark chocolates and Cafes in this litter see below Sammy ( Moma)  is Cafe (Shown in clipped coat)

9/11/2022 Sammy's litter is all spoken for Medium Standards 973-697-8896 PRCD Clear: HIPS Good; ELBOWS Normal. Beautiful litter of 7. This litter could go home around end of August beginning of September. Sammy is out of one of our favorite Females Tippie. Sammy stole our hearts sooo much that she is our forever dog. She has such a docile sweet demeanor and she comes up to you and pets you softly with her paw. She is everything you strive for in an emotional support dog. A great granddaughter of our  Foundation Female Diva and it shines through. Her puppies will be well suited for work with children, and PTSD support she has this incredible nature to calm a person, much like her mom Tippie. Its all about the temperament in our breeding program The Rutland Baby Joey and Mucho Man bloodline has had an incredible impact within the breed And Sammy continues this lines LEGACY.       

spoken for

A typical RUDOLPH look Very consistent sire.

ADULT OLDER Puppies are available for purchase, AVAILABLE PUPPIES

They are socilaized with humans and canines and are raised in a secure clean enviroment. We care for our pups around the clock. It's very important to us that our pups are place into a safe enviroment and a very loving home where they will contine to be cared for and nurtured.

 Here at English Manor we invite you to come and learn about our dogs and the Authentic Australain Labradoodles and about all the love and joy they have brought to our family , to others and hopefully to yours.  

Desirees Diva was our first Authentic Autralian Labradoodle and the start of our Breeding Program. We have enjoyed all the comical charisma thats she has brought to our lives and all the wonderful fun loving pups and grand pups that have come, We hope that you to will share the excitement and enjoyment  as you journey down this road with us !

TO RESERVE YOUR AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLE Please fill out our puppy application $500. nonrefundable deposit is required to be on our waiting list. Please provide as much information as you can when filling out the application form as I use this info to create the contract as well submit it to the microchip companies after the purchase of your pup.

 If you are interested in our next litters please fill out our Puppy Application (This DOES NOT commit you to buying a puppy). We are only using the information to contact you. If you would like to be informed about the breed or would like to schedule an appointment to come see the dogs please call us. 973-697-8896  

      We are breeders of Labradoodles and Arabian horses.( labradoodle breeding stock available for purchase, ) We Believe that Comunication is key in placing our labradoodles in the right home.We love to hear from our prospective buyers. Your personality and circumstances play a big role in your labradoodles happiness. Please feel free to call us for info about Australian labradoodle temperament, physical needs and available litters. ( Labradoodles for sale, labradoodles in ny,) ( Arabian horses for sale, National Show horse for sale,) Labradoodle breeding dogs and Labradoodle breeding stock Available.  Australian Labradoodles only.  

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